Kumon office support helped Ynna thrive through COVID’s disruptions

Ynna McDonald is the franchisee of Kumon St Marys Education Centre in Sydney. She has 15 months’ experience in this role.

Ynna became a franchisee for two reasons: her passion for children’s learning and because the role provided her enough flexibility to manage family commitments.

Ynna took over Kumon St Marys from the previous franchisee just before COVID hit, meaning she was adjusting to her new role during a disruptive time. But the support she received from the Kumon office helped her navigate and thrive throughout change. This change included offering virtual classes, as students couldn’t come to the centre in person.

“We went to correspondence mode straight away. Everything changed with planning, everything changed with communication”, Ynna says. “But my FDC and the Branch Leader were great at always checking up on how things were going.”

“They were always trying to provide strategies if I was struggling with certain things. They helped me to make things more efficient.”

Students have now returned to in-person classes at Kumon St Marys. The centre is thriving. Ynna offers the following advice for those considering becoming a Kumon franchisee.

“If you have confidence in what you’re doing, then it will reflect in your business”, Ynna says. “You have to be prepared to dedicate extra time as a business owner, to do your job.”

“If you do become a franchisee, you will love it,” she continues. “If you are passionate about working with kids and having an influence on their education, it’s something that you could go for.”

Kumon is looking for franchisees to open new or takeover existing Kumon centres at various locations across Australia and New Zealand. If you are interested in one of our franchise opportunities, please register for an Information Meeting. 


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