Kumon Maths and English comes to Hoxton Park, Sydney

Kumon has come to Hoxton Park in south-west Sydney, to support the maths and English learning of all children in the area.

Kumon Hoxton Park Education Centre is led by Garima Sharma, an engineer. She discovered Kumon when she enrolled her own child into a Kumon Education Centre.

“Kumon is an individualised programme that helps bring out the potential in each and every child”, Garima says. “Kumon not only enriches calculation and reading ability in kids, but also develops discipline, focus and self-learning skills. These are equally important”.

Kumon Hoxton Park Centre will operate at Hoxton Park Anglican Church. The Centre will be open on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 4pm-7pm.

Garima says Kumon Maths and English will be of great benefit for Hoxton Park and surrounding areas.

“I endeavour to make a positive impact in the lives of the children at my Centre by helping to them achieve the greatest results in the shortest possible amount of time”, Garima says.

“I want to instill in my students that setting a goal and working hard to achieve that goal will set them up for success now and in the future. Furthermore, Kumon is a pencil-and-paper programme. Real-life human interaction between educator and student is very valuable in an increasingly online education environment”.

To find out more about Kumon Hoxton Park Education Centre, please ring Garima on 0478 478 705 or email


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