Kumon Mathematics prepares young aspiring engineer for his future

Teii, 11 years old and an aspiring engineer and computer designer, is confident that the advanced mathematics he is studying in Kumon will help him in his future career.

Teii comfortably studies the Mathematics programme at the Year 11 level at Kumon South Perth Education Centre, despite being only in Year 5 at school. He says Kumon has helped him in school and will help him later on in everyday life.

“I tend to finish my regular school work efficiently and fast”, Teii said. “Kumon will also help me for my jobs in the future and in everyday life. For example, in cooking, paying, depositing and much more. Mathematics is an everyday thing.”

Grace, Teii’s mother, says she was already familiar with Kumon as he was born in Tokyo, Japan. She enrolled Teii into Kumon when he was four years old, and continued his studies when they moved to Australia.

“I think Kumon is a great place can help your children to grow their self-learning and problem-solving ability. There is no competition here”, Grace says.

“The more you try in Kumon, the more progress you make and the children can feel more and more confident during this process. I recommend parents send their children at early age if they can.”

Grace says that during his time at Kumon, Teii has developed strong study habits and has grown confident in his own abilities. She is also extremely proud that her son is able to study Kumon Mathematics five years ahead of his school grade level.


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