Kumon Mathematics is coming to Bendigo in 2021!

A team of highly experienced educators is bringing the Kumon Mathematics programme to the Bendigo region.

Tim Hewitson, Amanda King, Justinne Liberty and Akane Komatsu, who collectively have 110 years of experience leading and supporting Kumon centres all across Australia and New Zealand, are the Instructors of Kumon Bendigo Education Centre.

So that Kumon is brought to Bendigo as quickly as possible, this centre will begin as a virtual space of learning.

“We want to be flexible with how we provide Kumon”, said Akane Komatsu, an Instructor at Kumon Bendigo. “Kumon has been in Bendigo before. There is a demand in the community already. Now is the right time. So, we thought, ‘Let’s start right away virtually!’”

Being established for over 60 years and with millions of students enrolled, Kumon is the world’s largest after-school education programme. Kumon is tailored for the learning needs of each student. Instructors build an individualised study plan for each student so they can progress through the programme at a level determined by their ability rather than age.

At Kumon Bendigo students will join small group virtual classes once or twice a week, also complete approximately 30 minutes of daily study on non-class days.

“Kumon sessions are short, sharp and sweet. You join for 30 minutes either once or twice a week”, said Tim Hewitson, another Instructor at Kumon Bendigo. “On the other days, children study their Kumon worksheets at home with the support of their parents. There is no need to join virtual classes every day. We think it’s just the right amount of time and support.”

In addition to developing a strong foundation in mathematics, Kumon has many lifelong benefits for students.

“Children grow in confidence and gain important life skills, like perseverance and how to be organised”, said Tim. “They develop a daily study routine.”

To enrol or to learn more about Kumon Bendigo Education Centre, families are welcome to ring 0410 454 767 or email


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