Kumon helps Karthik to develop his maths talent

Karthik Suresh always had a penchant for mathematics. By studying the Kumon Maths programme, he has been able delve into his interest and extend his numbers acumen.

Karthik studies at Kumon Modbury Education Centre. He has been enrolled into Kumon since Reception, the first year of primary school in South Australia.

Kumon is an individualised, afterschool tuition programme that allows students to study at their own pace. This means advanced students, like Karthik, can go ahead to study content that is above their school grade.

Karthik now studies Kumon Maths at the Year 8 level.

“Kumon has helped me to build my confidence, self-learning ability and problem-solving skills”, Karthik says. “I am happy to have achieved five years ahead in Kumon Maths.”

In recognition of his achievement, Karthik attended the Advanced Student Forum at the University of Adelaide – North Terrace on November 17.

At this event, he heard from a range of guest speakers, including The Hon. John Gardner MP, the SA Minister for Education, and Felicity Furey, an engineer and advocate for women in engineering.

Karthik’s mother, Lalita Iyer, says Kumon has supported Karthik in his overall growth.

“Through Kumon, Karthik has gained confidence to explore new problems on his own”, Lalita says. “Karthik receiving his award at the Advanced Student Forum was a moment of pride and pleasure for us.”


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