Kumon: building foundations for later learning

Kumon believes the early years of a child’s life are a vital period for developing the foundation for lifelong learning. This is why we encourage you, as a parent, to enrol your child at a young age.

Below are three ways Kumon helps your preschooler to build early foundational skills:

1. Developing fine motor skills

The development of your child’s fine motor skills is essential for the development of good handwriting. This is essential for your child to use the written word to communicate and express themselves.

To develop fine motor skills, Kumon goes back to the basics. Before your child writes letters and numbers, Kumon ensures they grip a pencil correctly and builds overall pencil skills.

Our exercises gently progress children from colouring pictures with a thick crayon, to carefully drawing straight and curved lines. As children continue to progress with Kumon, they join their letters for cursive handwriting, form sentences and write neatly with speed and accuracy.

We know there are many stages before a child can write with dexterity. Kumon’s programmes and Instructors support early learners through all the stages.

2.  Build early study habits and academic ability

Through Kumon, early learners are exposed to their very first reading and mathematical concepts. They also learn to read and follow examples, and build the very beginnings of their study flow.As these habits begin to develop, so too will your child’s academic ability.

Depending on their ability, early learners enrolled in Kumon Maths will count, read, trace and write numbers. Those enrolled in Kumon English will recite words, phrases and short sentences, as well as tracing and write letters of the alphabet.

Gaining a head start on these foundations will be of lifelong benefit for your children.

3.Nurturing a positive attitude towards learning

Our Kumon Instructors and assistants will praise your child for each little milestone they make in their learning. This is to ensure that your child will grow to associate learning with enjoyment.

When children are young, they are learning sponges. Every new experience, every word they learn, every behaviour they adopt, are all about honing and moulding the holistic child.


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