Kumon extends Dhruv far beyond school grade in mathematics and English

Dhruv, six years old and in Year 1 at school, says the highly advanced mathematics and English he is studying now at Kumon will help him achieve his goal of becoming a neurosurgeon.

Dhruv studies the Mathematics and English programmes, at Kumon Cottesloe Education Centre, far ahead of his school grade. He is comfortably studying algebra in Kumon Mathematics and is interpreting texts in Kumon English.

Dhruv said Kumon has helped him in many ways.

“Kumon helped me by improving my speed, accuracy and knowledge in mathematical concepts way beyond my school years”, Dhruv said “Kumon English has helped me with my comprehension, vocabulary and spelling.”

“Kumon has also helped me by letting me work at my brain level rather than my age level, and with discipline and focus.”

In addition to becoming a neurosurgeon, Dhruv wants to become a theoretical mathematician, a scientist and inventor. He is confident that if he continues to persevere and put in the right amount of effort, he will achieve all of his goals.

“Kumon has showed me my strengths and also taught me never to give up. If you put your mind into something and try hard you will definitely [achieve your goal]”, Dhruv said.

Soumya, Dhruv’s mother, said she chose to enrol Dhruv into Kumon after seeing the rapid progress his sister Diya made through her worksheets.

“I had enrolled my daughter in Kumon and saw how much Kumon was advancing her and improving her academic skillset”, Soumya said. “Dhruv, we knew was very academically inclined at a young age ever since he started reading at 12 months as a baby.”

“He had already memorised all the elements of the periodic table, the countries of the world by age 2 by watching videos on his own. We knew that, to keep him stimulated, we needed to enrol him in something that can extend him.”

Soumya said she also believes Kumon can help any child to learn maths and English beyond school grade level.

“Kumon can not only advance your child, but also can cover all the gaps in concepts that the child might have had due to lack of practise or lack of knowledge”, Soumya said.

“Kumon is structured in such a way that it will make your child’s basics very strong, which is extremely important for later years in school and university. If the foundation is strong then the rest of the academic school journey will be a lot smoother.”

“I think Kumon is a great program for kids who need some extra help and also for kids who are advanced and looking for enrichment.”


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