How Kumon supports preschoolers with reading and counting

Kumon’s has helped thousands of preschoolers develop their reading and counting ability. For preschoolers, Kumon has a range of options available, including Kumon’s Pencils Skills Programme.

To shed some light on the experience of our early learners, we spoke to some of parents of preschoolers who have enrolled their children into Kumon to develop their reading and counting ability. Here are their thoughts:

“There’s a period when children are very open and curious. If you can catch them there then the learning kind of happens naturally. It just becomes part of who they are because they are still in their developmental stage.” – Leticia

“When I enrolled my children, both of them had very low muscle tone and their fine motor skills were very poor. They couldn’t even hold a pencil. [When I enrolled them into Kumon], I just thought they’d be ready for kindergarten, I wasn’t expecting them to excel. Anything after that was exciting for me.” – Eva

“I’ve noticed that Kumon has helped in other areas, particularly with my little boy. He’s definitely more disciplined now. When my little boy is in class, he knows that he needs to listen and focus; he knows it’s important. He realises in his own way that he’s learning.” – Tam

“I don’t think it is too much for my daughter to do Kumon every day. Each workbook only takes a small amount of time. I thought to myself, ‘Why not start something that has some kind of system to slowly introduce her to difficult concepts?’ Through starting one step at a time … we can achieve a bigger result.” – Stephanie

To find out whether Kumon’s Pencil Skills Programme is suitable for your child, please speak with your local Kumon Instructor.


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