Ginger and Saxon continue making strong progress via virtual study

Due to the combined virtual and in-centre support provided by Kumon during COVID-19, siblings 9-year-old Ginger and 11-year-old Saxon continued to make strong progress in their learning.

In 2020, Ginger and Saxon transitioned to virtual study of the Kumon Mathematics and English programmes. During this time, they attended virtual classes once or twice a week, and studied their Kumon worksheets for a small amount of time each day at home.

While it was a sudden change in study modes, it benefited both siblings.

“At home [my learning environment] is kind of more relaxed. There’s not a lot of distractions here,” Saxon says.

Ginger agrees with Saxon. She says virtual study improved her concentration.

“You don’t have distractions, it can help you concentrate, and you can do it by yourself”, Ginger says.

Chris, Ginger and Saxon’s father, says while it took a bit of time to settle into virtual study, it proved to be flexible and beneficial for the family.

“A lot of the marking and recording was handed over to us”, Chris says. “It brought us challenges some days, but after a while I think I got into a routine of marking regularly and recording the results. And our Instructor kept in contact.”

“We diligently kept going through it all. The Instructor checked in a lot to see how the kids were travelling.”

Ginger wants to become an archaeologist when she grows up. Saxon hopes to join the military.

Ginger and Saxon are now both attending some in-person classes with Kumon. Throughout their period of virtual study, they continued to make strong progress. Some Kumon centres throughout Australia and New Zealand are offering options for virtual and in-centre mathematics and English study.

Should you wish to learn more, we welcome you to contact your nearest Kumon centre.


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