Erick builds his foundation for high school mathematics

While 14-year-old Erick Lu is a Year 8 high school student, he can already comfortably work through Year 12 level mathematics.

Erick recently completed the Mathematics programme at Kumon Floreat Education Centre.

By completing the programme, Erick developed strong mental calculation skill and self-learning ability. Self-learning is the ability to take in information, process, retain and understand it, without having to rely on being taught every new topic or concept.

Erick said completing Kumon Mathematics will be of great benefit for him in school.

“Kumon has helped me learn to use formulas, which help me solve problems involving algebra and factorisation”, Erick said.

“I think Kumon will help me with high school mathematics, because the later you progress into high school, the more the difficult the equations become.”

Erick said he hopes to pursue a career in chemistry or biology when he grows up. He said Kumon Mathematics will help him to balance equations in chemistry.

Jing, Erick’s mother, said she believes completing Kumon will have lifelong benefits for Erick. These benefits go beyond mathematics, she said.

“I think Erick might not realise it yet but I believe when he starts his career, he will understand even more how Kumon helped him”, Jing said. “Kumon builds a habit of doing a little study each day and a strong foundation in mathematics.”

Jing also said the individualised approach of Kumon ensured Erick was never overwhelmed with study. She said his Kumon Instructor tailored his workload to match his gradually changing ability.

This ensured Erick stayed motivated to complete Kumon, Jing said.

“When Erick first started Kumon, he wanted to give up”, Jing said. “I spoke to Amy, his Instructor, and she helped Erick a lot. Amy said to Erick, ‘Okay, don’t worry, if you can’t finish ten pages, drop to five pages. You can’t finish five pages, drop to two.”

“As long as you can keep trying, you can complete Kumon’”.


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