Elin grows in confidence through Kumon English

Elin, studying Kumon English more than one year ahead of her school grade.

Since he is not a native English speaker himself, Jun wanted his daughter, Elin, to receive some extra support in building a strong reading comprehension ability. So, he enrolled Elin into the Kumon English programme.

Elin, six years old and now in Year 1 in school, studies the Kumon English programme one year ahead of her school grade level. She is gradually improving her ability to read aloud and will soon learn to begin reading silently. Jun says he has seen consistent improvement in Elin’s English ability since she started Kumon.

“She’s much better than last year because she started Kumon when she was in kindergarten, four years old”, Jun says. “I think she will build stronger skills through Kumon, like reading, writing, and a strong vocabulary. She is more comfortable to go to school. I can it in see her face, her smiles when she speaks English more, and her confidence”.

Jun also says the daily study habit and self-learning ability, that Elin is developing through Kumon, will be of lifelong benefit for her throughout school and beyond.

“Self-learning is most important in high school”, Jun says. “Sometimes, we still help the kids with their school homework. But one day, the homework from school will be too hard for us, so they’ll need to study it by themselves, figure it out and face the challenge.”

Elin says her favourite thing about Kumon English is that it helps her to learn more words. She hopes to become a nurse or doctor when she grows up.

The Kumon English programme builds a high level of reading comprehension ability. To inspire students to read widely, the worksheets contain more extracts from published texts than any other reading programme in the world. They are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, from the simplest to the most complex.

The worksheets begin with familiar words, phrases and short sentences. Students then learn to read and write by sounding short vowels, consonants and sound parts; tracing, copying and writing words; and reading aloud short passages. They progress to reading and writing simple and complex sentences, and comprehending paragraphs. The worksheets culminate in summarising and critical reading.

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