Brisbane siblings build their foundation for advanced mathematics

By completing the Kumon Mathematics programme, siblings Isini, Isuka and Helitha Muthumuni have built a strong foundation in mathematics which will be of lifelong benefit.

Isini, 21 years old and studying medicine at the University of Queensland, said the mental calculation and self-learning ability she developed at Kumon by completing the Mathematics programme, helped her greatly throughout school and university. Self-learning is the ability to take in information, process, retain and understand it, without having to rely on being taught every new topic or concept.

During school, Isini received the Queensland ICAS Medal for Mathematics in Year 10 and was selected as one of 64 students in Australia to attend the National Mathematics Summer School in Year 12. Kumon played a key role in these achievements, Isini said. Her interest and aptitude for mathematics was sparked by Kumon.

“I think maths is something you will use in any avenue”, Isini said. “While medicine is not specifically a career in maths, in analysis and statistics maths does help a lot.”

Isini said the daily study habit and perseverance she developed through Kumon is also of great value. Her younger brother Isuka, 16 years old and a Year 11 high school student, said studying and completing Kumon Mathematics gave him the confidence to know he can excel.

“With the strong skills that Kumon has provided me, it is easier to pursue my interest in mathematics or science”, Isuka said. “Any career in math or science applies the mental calculation and self-learning I’ve developed from Kumon.”

Isuka said he wants to follow in the footsteps of his sister Isini to study medicine. He also received high distinction scores in the Australian Mathematics Competition.

Helitha, 12 years old, a Year 7 high school student and younger brother of Isini and Isuka, is also a completer of the Kumon Mathematics programme. This means he has already mastered senior high school mathematical concepts like equations, factorisation and calculus.

“It has been a great relief to have completed maths at an advanced level. It feels like I’ve accomplished a great achievement by completing all the levels in Kumon,” Helitha said. “Completing Kumon Mathematics is helping me in school by improving my maths to an advanced level. It is why I passed the scholarship test to gain entry into a private school.

“Kumon helped me in my mental arithmetic and calculations, and it’s helped me find methods and solutions to solve equations.”

Once Helitha grows up, he wants to pursue a career in mathematics or science.

Isini said herself, Helitha and Isuka could not have achieved so much without the support of their Kumon centre.

“The three of us would like to offer our thanks and gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Park from Kumon Calamvale for the dedication and guidance they provided us throughout our Kumon journey”, Isini said.


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