Audrey builds strong study habits with Kumon Mathematics

Audrey studying equations in her Kumon Mathematics worksheets.

Despite only being in Year 2, eight-year-old Audrey comfortably solves equations in her Kumon Mathematics worksheets.

Audrey, who studies the Kumon Mathematics programme more than five years ahead of her school grade level, says that Kumon helps her in many ways.

“When I’m at school and there are hard problems, I can easily solve them because I’ve done them in Kumon”, Audrey says. “When I’m at home, it helps me teach my sisters maths too. The maths books I do at home are also fun”.

Jeorge, Audrey’s father, says in addition to developing his daughter’s maths ability, Kumon has helped Audrey to become more independent and build strong study habits.

“I don’t have to remind her about doing her schoolwork together with the Kumon books”, Jeorge says. “She’s gotten into a habit of studying before doing the rest of her play. I think the homework from Kumon really helps her go into that habit of studying first and then playing later on”.

Audrey says she would like to become an artist when she grows up. Jeorge says that no matter what his daughter chooses to pursue later in life, that Kumon will be of lifelong benefit.

“Kumon sets children up for future learning because they’re not afraid to study”, Jeorge says. “This makes it easier with other subjects as well, because it puts them into that habit of studying for what they want to do, whether it’s in school or elsewhere.”


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