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17 December 2018

Three ways to help your children love learning this summer

With the arrival of the summer holidays, children can play and live their daydreams without the interruptions of the classroom. Parents also finally have precious extra time to relax and spend with their children; whether this is on holiday, at the poolside or beach, or just relaxing together to read a favourite book.

There are many opportunities to create precious moments with your children and each one is an opportunity for them to learn more about themselves and the world around them. The summer holidays are a time to show children that learning can be intriguing and enjoyable!

Here are three ways you can help your children love learning this summer.

1. Encourage and engage with their curiosity

A curious mind is one that is hungry to learn more, and will serve children well throughout their education and life. Sometimes children ask thousands of questions each day! Answering questions honestly and genuinely will provide opportunities to discuss the question topic in more depth. If neither of you know the answer, then this is an opportunity for you both to find the answer together.

Another tip is to lead by example. Your children learn by observing what you do, so try and encourage them to ask questions by doing so yourself. Make it a point to raise questions that serve as a learning point for them as you go about the day’s activities. For example, while cooking dinner you could ask, ‘This sauce makes the stir-fry taste yummy; I wonder what’s in it?’

If your child is curious about maths and English, then Kumon is also option! Students can learn a little bit each day through the Kumon worksheets, keeping their curiosity engaged throughout the summer break.

2. Get reading!

Summer is a great time for children to pick up a book, get lost in a story, and learn more while they’re at it!

Keep books by your children’s bedside these holidays, in the playroom—all over the house—and make sure they are in places within children’s reach. Bring books with you on car trips, to the grocery store, anywhere. Rather than handing them an electronic device, hand them a book they love.

The more accessible you make books, the more you’ll see their reading frequency grow. If your children need a bit more guidance choosing books, narrow it down to a small selection and invite them to pick a book they want for that moment. You may like to browse Kumon’s Recommended Reading List for suggestions: http://www.kumon-english-rrl.com/

Or, consider entering Kumon’s Great Summer Reads competition! More details available at this link: http://au.kumonglobal.com/page.jsp?id=9163&version=au

3. For the long-term, help them develop a growth mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that one’s abilities and intelligence can be developed with effort and perseverance. Children with a growth mindset realise their effort has a direct impact on their achievement, they acknowledge their current abilities are a starting point for reaching their potential, and are more likely to put in the extra yards needed to succeed.

Kumon is enrolling throughout the summer break, and this could be a time to help you child begin to develop this mindset. Kumon’s programmes help students develop this way of thinking by building students’ perseverance through its maths and English programmes and showing them that with effort, they can achieve.

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