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11 January 2018

Kumon Instructor: a career that makes a difference

Being a Kumon Instructor provides an opportunity to receive abundant fulfilment, as Instructors take on the responsibility of guiding students’ academic efforts and nurturing potential for learning and achievement.

Currently, there are 53,600 Kumon students enrolled throughout 330 centres across Australia and New Zealand, with a Kumon Instructor leading each centre. The Instructor’s role is to provide individualised maths and English instruction to each student, as prescribed by the Kumon Method of Learning, to allow them to develop a solid foundation in both subjects by providing the just right level of study. In turn, students develop confidence as they progress in their learning, not grow bored or stressed as they do so. Instructors also guide each student’s ability to self-learn.

This means that Kumon Instructors are responsible for moulding students into sound, capable people who contribute to the global community, and because these students can self-learn, they have the ability, and drive, to constantly develop new skills needed to navigate today’s digital age.

Kumon Instructors, like Kumon students, come from a wide variety of backgrounds. For example, Asha Venkatraman, Instructor at Kumon Narre Warren in Melbourne, spent 17 years in IT before her passion to work with children motivated her to transition to education.

Asha’s career in IT spanned across the globe – from working in the National Stock Exchange in India, to Emirates Airlines in the U.A.E., to General Electric in Singapore.

However, Asha maintains that, “This is the best career decision I have made in my life. Every centre day makes me feel like a better person and I am grateful to Kumon for the opportunity.”

And many former Kumon students realise the positive influence their Instructors played in their own lives. This inspires them to become Instructors themselves. Toby Ngo, Instructor at Kumon Midland in Perth, is an example of this arc.

Toby started Kumon when he was in Year 4 and back then he “wasn’t a very strong student”.

“I was told in Year 4 that I never would really amount to anything, that I wouldn’t be able to complete high school or go to university”, Toby says.

But he says after one year in Kumon his academic skills, especially mathematics, developed dramatically. In turn, Toby says his self-confidence shot up and by Year 9 he was ahead of his school classmates in mathematics. He then went onto become a senior assistant at his centre, achieve a post-graduate degree in engineering, and open his own Kumon centre last May.

“Kumon is about being able to self-learn, to be self-sufficient in learning”, Toby explains. “I feel we’re developing students’ confidence, time management skills and discipline. Those are the skills I believed can be developed through Kumon, because that’s how I believe I developed them.”

Sue Davis, Instructor at Kumon Gungahlin in Canberra since 2000, believes she has made a demonstrable difference in her local community. Sue runs the largest Kumon Centre in Australia and New Zealand, with nearly 2000 students enrolled.

“Over the years I have had many instances of amazing stories, including a mother crying and thanking me because her daughter could now read after having enrolled in Kumon”, Sue says. “These stories are happening every day at the Kumon Centre and it makes you feel good about what we are doing.”

Though achieving this impact takes a lot of effort and work. Kumon Instructors are both educators and franchise business owners.

Sheryl Lee, Instructor at Kumon Lane Cove in Sydney, says she takes on a wide variety of roles as a Kumon Instructor. Sheryl has led her centre since 2011, and currently has around 300 students enrolled.

“Immediately before I started Kumon I was working as a lawyer for five years”, Sheryl says. “When I became a Kumon Instructor, I think the biggest challenge for me was doing my own accounts. As I’m running a small business I have to be responsible for all of that and when I was a lawyer working in a big company there was always someone else to take care of that side of it.”

“Now I need to take care of all the tax, all the accounting, all the payroll, become an HR manager … it’s a much bigger job than only educating kids.”

Kumon Australia and New Zealand is now searching for Instructors to lead new Kumon Centres in the locations below. If you are interested please click this link to register for one of our free Information Meetings please click here .

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Western Australia's Kumon Instructors, staff, and special guest speaker Jesse Phillips at the 2017 Advanced Student Forum.

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